Trajes Tipicos - San Marcos La Laguna

During the months of July and August, the different towns and cities from Guatemala crown young ladies as their queens so they can participate in the coming activities for independence week in September.

Since our studio is located in San Juan, we were able to see our town's tradition and how they crowned the upcoming queen. Other queens from diffent towns attended this event to show their friendship to the previous "reina" and to support her as she crowns the next "reina".

The first queen we will talk about is from San Marcos La Laguna! The traditional blouse "guipil" is made of cotton and the color red means the blood that the Mayans shed. The belt "faja" means mourning and the embroidery is an homage to the lake.

Ketzali's wall @ Queue Agency!

Check out the first pic of our wall at Queue Agency. We took this pic after hanging our handmade wood scarves-holders / decorations! Jane and her team will be placing different styles on the wall depending on which market she will be showing!! The wood decorations are such a great compliment for the scarves!

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Mother's Day 2011!

We were so happy to celebrate Mother's Day with all the women we work with in San Juan! We had such a great time with them and we share some fun stories and ate a very- yummy cake! We also gave them many copies of different articles we found about woman's health, exercises, nutrition, and weaving techniques.

"I say, 'Excuse me, fabric is the most important thing.' "


Christina Binkley from WSJ wrote a very interesting article about how China is becoming a major competitor for Italy when it comes to producing luxury textiles. I had the pleasure to visit many mills while I lived in Italy (my passion and admiration for textiles started when visiting all these mills). The process and high quality of these fabrics is astonishing, many of the fibers they used are exquisite and the only thing you want to do is touch it all day long.

In order to increase sales, many mills are starting to focus on low minimums, higher quality, and innovation of production.

I love and agree with Mr. Barberis Conico quote "Fabric is the most important thing"!!!!!

check the pics too! so tasteful!