The Kites of Santiago

We are still basking in sights and sounds of Guatemalan's annual Festival de barriletes gigantes de Santiago Sacatepéquez. The Festival of giant kites is celebrated annually on November 1st in the Guatemalan municipality of Santiago Sacatepequezto memorialize those who have passed on by releasing colossal kites into the sky.

 The event is one of the main cultural phenomenons in Santiago Sacatepequez in which giant kites are built and flown. On the day of the deceased the residents, also, visit the above-ground tombs of their ancestors to pray and lay floral offerings.


Traditionally, the building of the kites takes 40 days. Every part of the kite is made from Mother Nature from the glue to the woven hemp strings.

The main objective of this beautiful tradition is religious and cultural, as people believe it is a communication link between the souls of deceased loved ones and their loved ones still on Earth. Additionally, the act of raising the kite in the air symbolizes the dreams of their makers, wrapping and weaving against the wind against  an open blue sky. It's a beautiful thing!

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Ketzali Being Sold at a Boutique Near You

Ketzali is being offered in several boutiques around the good ole Americas!

Kaight Shop in Brooklyn has a few of our signature products, one of them being the ever so popular Tula' scarf:

Kaight Shop's brick and mortar is located at 382 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Free People is showcasing our Linear Hooded Kimono in indigo:

Our rust colored Ajbe Poncho is looking fabulous in the care of Accompany:

Tent Marketplace is selling our hand-made Xup scarf in mustard:

Uxibal in Antigua, Guatemala is selling several of our multi-colored scarves in-store:

Uxibal is located at 4a Calle Oriente #15- Antigua, Guatemala


Beyunik is a brand new store in Sherman Oaks, California and has a wide selection of our ponchos and scarves. Just check out  how beautiful the store is!

Beyunik is in the Westfield Sherman Oaks Fashion Square: 14006 Riverside Dr #120
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

If you love all the products you see here and can't get enough- please visit 

Each purchase helps our artisans in Guatemala earn a live-able wage to help their families overcome poverty.

Ketzali Featured in Organic Spa Magazine!

Ketzali's founder Maya Colop-Morales talks family influence, fashion school, and wanting to give-back to artisans in Guatemala in Organic Spa Magazine. Click the picture for the full article:


Organic Spa Magazine is the leading wellness and natural beauty media brand bridging wisdom and preventative health with a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Spring/Summer Collection is Complete!

Hello everyone! Here at Ketzali we have been working our *ahems* off to bring our new Spring/Summer collection to life. Here is a little taste ( it looks beyond amazing and we couldn't be happier!).


Photoshoot Credits:


Stylist: Nairman Jay

Photographer: Justin Aranha

Model: Charlotte from Elite Managment

Make Up: Ashley Readings

Comments, questions, thoughts? Share them with us at:


Ketzali is so excited to announce that we have officially launched our Kickstarter campaign to help increase employment opportunities for our local Guatemalan artisans. We are calling on you because we need your immediate help with this project that is very near and dear to our hearts.

Our goal is to raise $8,500 by next Wednesday, July 15th to fund our participation in PROJECT WOMEN’S Tradeshow in Las Vegas this August. This fashion tradeshow is a forum where clothing brands and stores can get together to develop relationships to work together in the future. We plan to meet with thousands of prospective stores at the tradeshow and spread awareness for our brand and mission, while also establishing valuable new business partnerships. We have had great success at fashion tradeshows in the past and met some of our most reliable clients, so we are confident our new collection will also have great feedback at PROJECT WOMEN’s. 

Through increasing our business relationships with stores across the world, we can provide more employment opportunities for the talented artisans we work with throughout Guatemala. Our artisans have years of expertise in creating traditional Guatemalan clothing and accessories, and it’s time we give them the recognition they truly deserve.

We would love for you to visit our Kickstarter website to learn a little bit more about our campaign and what Ketzali stands for. Please follow this link:

Every dollar makes a huge difference in reaching our goal, so anything you are able to give would be a huge help to Ketzali and our artisans. In return for your generous donation, we will send you a gift handmade by Ketzali. This includes our signature scarves, handwoven jewelry, brand new handbags and backpacks, and more!

Thank you so much for your time and support. Ketzali could not be here today without the help from others!



June Newsletter

Hello there!

We hope you are all having a great summer so far —we cannot believe it’s already the end of June! Ketzali is so excited to announce that we have had a very successful month in press, so we just wanted to share some of the great news with you.

How FABULOUS is this photo below from the FitFabFun Mom's "Beach to Street" photoshoot? She makes our FW15 Yuqutik poncho look awesome!

Our feature in The Hiatus Collective’s Conscious Shop Stories is a must-read! Get to know our founder & designer, Maya, through the Conscious Shop Stories’ fun and personal questions. Read the interview with Hiatus Collective's founder, Erin, here.

The Chic Inspector also introduced Ketzali to her blog’s following to help spread love and awareness for fair trade, sustainable fashion. It is always such an honor to be recognized for our efforts in promoting ethical fashion across the world.

EcKris was so kind to feature Ketzali on their Instagram’s famous FOLLOW FRIDAY along with some other fabulous sustainable fashion accounts.

And finally, it was such an amazing opportunity for to show Ketzali as a featured brand on their website. This is a real dream come true for us!

That’s all for now, and don’t forget to follow Ketzali to stay up to date on our newest collections and ethical fashion! We will be in touch!

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Twitter @loveketzali


Why The Fashion Revolution Matters

by Hadley Armstrong, Marketer at Ketzali

When I first moved to Guatemala, I knew nothing of its traditional weaving techniques, its artisans… and really nothing about the “fashion world” in general.

I came to Guatemala because I had always admired its strong passion for culture and natural beauty. When you’re in this country, you literally feel like you’ve gone back in time because you’re surrounded by one of the greenest and most untouched environments, with thousands of people wearing stunning traditional Mayan dress. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

That’s why when I met Maya, the owner and founder of Ketzali, I was more than eager to learn about her mission of employing local artisans to create clothing for her emerging brand.

Maya invited me to visit many of the artisans who work with Ketzali in their rural communities across the country. Some of these artisans—like Pasqual-- have almost a dozen sons and daughters who all work together to weave their products. Within minutes of meeting them, I could tell that their traditional weaving skills had become a big part of their lives—both as a lifestyle and as a career for their entire family. Weaving provided them all with clothing, an income, a skill, and a livelihood. It was then that I truly realized what an impact weaving has on Guatemalan culture. Not only is it a career and specialty for thousands of people throughout the country, but the different weaving patterns also represent what town you are from, your marital status, and how old you are. It’s not just clothing to them—it’s an identity and a way of life. Day in and day out, Guatemalan artisans work to sell their creations, but with the number of artisans and the lack of demand, sometimes families can’t make enough to send their kids to school or even eat dinner at night. Maya’s passion for weaving and textiles combined with her love for helping local men and women succeed are at the very heart of Ketzali.


When Maya officially established her company in 2011, her goal was to create collections that could appeal to stores across the world while still upholding traditional Guatemalan weaving techniques. That way she could employ local artisans and also market the products to a larger audience to create more projects for the weavers. Her vision would give artisans the opportunity to increase their incomes, practice and improve their skills, and learn new techniques.

Within a few months of working with Ketzali, I began to realize more and more how important the Fashion Revolution really is. Fashion, one of the biggest markets in the world, employs millions of people in numerous countries, yet many of the people who make our clothes are not given the opportunity to have a fair wage or healthy working conditions. Companies like Ketzali are very rare, so it’s so important for us to spread the word: behind every piece of clothing, stands a person.

Now, ten collections later in 2015, Ketzali has helped employ dozens of artisans and women co-operatives throughout Guatemala, improving all of their living and working conditions. We have built priceless, irreplaceable relationships with our artisans, and we have watched them work hard to gain more respect for themselves and their unique skills. The next time I go to buy to a piece of clothing, I will remember the faces of each and every one of the artisans who work with Ketzali. Who made your clothes? Think about it.

Behind the Scenes

As we get ready for our Semana Santa (Easter) holiday here in Guatemala, we can't help but think of how much we appreciate all of our artisans and their families. Without them, Ketzali would not be here today. Remember that all of our pieces are individually handmade by a woman or man in Guatemala, and every product we sell has a story and person behind it. We hope you find a piece that speaks to your heart, and when you wear it-- you will always remember that someone worked hard to create a gift especially for you!

What's New With Ketzali?

Hello friends!

Now that we have our new website up & running, we can't wait to add more pieces to our online store. Keep your eye out during the next few weeks for new products to pop up online!