(capsule) New York Women's 

Ketzali stand at (capsule), showing our Fall Winter 2014 collection to buyers. We can't wait for the next fall to come so you all can get to wear these beautiful scarves.



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Ketzali X Free People

Our collaboration with Free People is now available for sale at Our Pulew poncho is made of 100% cotton materials and dye tie using low impact dyes. 


Ketzali at Shop Glamour by Glamour Magazine

We are very excited to be part of Glamour magazine's new shop, Shop Glamour. Ketzali's Xujbinic is an editor's pick by Sophia Chabbott (Senior Online Fashion Editor). 

Here are two articles about Shop Glamour




Love Ketzali 

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook is wearing Ketzali's Ajabal (KT-PJ12-07), handweaved in a backstrap loom by our artisan Graciela Mendoza and Entertainment Editor at US Weekly, Dina Sansing is wearing Ketzali's Juluwisaj (KT-1248), handweaved in a footloom by our artisan Elizabeth Garcia. 



Hi all,


Today, I wanna share with you one of my resolutions. Why wait for the beginning of the new year to do so?

I have decided to have at least one fruit per day, every day . I have been reading a lot about all the amazing benefits that the human body can get from consuming fruits. So, having fruits in my fridge is a must now. 

Then, I discovered the joy of making my own 100% natural fruit juice. I have never been a big fan of the canned/bottled juices that we find in the stores. They are just not as tasteful as I wish them to be. 

So, last week, I had some pomegranates, grapes, and red apples in my kitchen. I started making grape juice first (which I LOVED!!!), then tried to have a pomegranate/apple juice. Let me tell you my surprise when I had the first sip... It tastes incredible. It tastes sweet enough without any sugar added (which satisfies my sweet tooth) and it is so refreshing! It takes a couple minutes to make amazingly tasteful and healthy juice and the process is fun. The juicer I have does all the work. I do not have to peel the fruits; it does it for me. How awesome!!!

I have been juicing since then, every single day. I sometimes have juice with my breakfast, or with my other meals. Sometimes, just by itself in the middle of the day. My body feels great thanks to all the nutrients.

Below is a picture of the pomegranate/apple juice that I made.


xx- Sofia



Hi everyone,

Today, Maya is in NYC to represent her country, Guatemala, as well as Ketzali. We are participating at the semi-finalist event that La idea is holding in the beautiful city of New York. We are so excited to be part of this adventure and we are crossing fingers to make it further in this competition.



Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed a fun weekend, wherever you are. I personally had a blast last weekend! I had to travel to the south of Florida for a wedding and I enjoyed the sunny weather, the good food, and the nice company.

I decided to stop by the beach before hitting the road back home which was very pleasant. I practiced my photography skills by taking various pictures of birds and signs on the beach.

I spent a nice fun hour there. I unfortunately didn't get to go for a swim as the weather wasn't that hot. I enjoyed the nice breeze from the Clearwater pier. 

I was wearing comfortable jeans and a take top. The star was the Ketzali scarf that I had around my neck. I like its green/purple/ grey/ pink colors. It matched my green top perfectly. It felt nice on my skin and protected my from the chilly breeze when I was on the pier.


XX- Sofia



Bangladesh Factory Workers’ salaries go up !

Bangladesh is not only known for being the world’s second-leading apparel exporter after China, but also for the poor conditions in which the industry people work every day. Not so long ago, the world has witnessed the tragic consequences of the Bangladesh factories’ cheap and unsafe measures.  A whole building with many manufacturing factories collapsed, killing and injuring over 1000 people.  This time, the government has decided to take action and try to improve those workers’ daily lives, and that, by raising their monthly incomes. They’ve decided to change their minimum salaries from the approximate amount of 38$ to 68$ ! That seems huge percentagewise, but factory workers in the country are still not satisfied with it. They have hoped for an even more generous raise in order for them to satisfy their basic needs. A study showed that a Bangladesh worker needs at least 100$ per month to live decently and afford to satisfy their bare needs. The new suggested monthly income is still far from reaching that amount and there have been some protests by Bangladesh workers to express their point. There is a hope that the Bangladesh prime minister helps them reach their objective.

Is that going to happen? If it does, that might affect the financial situation of some factories, as well as the cost of their products, thus one of the main competitive advantages of the country. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. We think it is a must for factories to make sure their workers live in the most decent conditions and that they are comfortable doing their work. Their well being is not only important for the image of the companies they work for, but also for their level of productivity.


XX- The Ketzali Team


SCARVES: It is not just about women !

Scarves have been among the major elements of the fashion accessories world. They elevate the look of both men and women's outfits. They can be of different sizes, shapes, or colors, there is something about the scarf that can't be found in any other accessory.

There are many ways men can wear their scarf. The pictures below show how men celebrities like to wear their scarves.

Inspired by anyone?

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