About Our Products:

Ketzali designs hand-made woven scarves, ponchos, and tote bags made in old-style looms, guaranteeing the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece. The threads being used have been colored with natural dyes and low-impact dyes. The natural dyes come from resources such as cochineal, walnuts hulls, dahlias, blackberries, indigo, and chamomile. The low-impact dyes contain no heavy metals or toxic substances, creating less wastewater and a minimal impact on the environment.

Our Packaging:

As part of our sustainable principles we want to minimise our environmental impact so we only use recycled-paper boxes and tissue paper when packing our scarves.

Custom Tags:
Our recycled-paper tags include which material and dye was used on our threads, the artisan's name who created it, and all the care instructions for a longer last.