On Trend: Sustainable Fashion – For the Environmentally Conscious in All of Us

Every article of clothing hanging in your closet has a life cycle. Some items, after you’ve posted the allotted number of pictures allowed in the same outfit on social media of course, lives will come to an end after you discard them. But for sustainable fashion, the end is just a new beginning.

A company making sustainable garments must consider sustainability in all steps of the production cycle. The journey starts with conception; the raw materials selected must be found in nature to create the garments. Dyes, too, should be natural or the garments should be dyed in an energy and water efficient manner. The use of eco-friendly materials will allow the discarded articles of clothing to be deconstructed and re-spun into new fibers. Another large part of eco-fashion is the quality of working conditions for employees. Safe and clean working conditions are a must, as well as payment of a living wage. Happy employees will produce the best garments and uphold all of the company’s standards!

Ketzali is a sustainable fashion company; we hold our products and the materials that make them to a very high standard. To put it simply, if it’s not found in nature, it’s not found in our garments. Our scarves, ponchos, and ruanas are made of either 100% rayon, cotton, or Bolivia Alpaca. Each handmade item is dyed with low or no impact dyes and weaved using traditional Guatemalan techniques. We pay our artisans a living wage to help ensure our ideals and high standards are maintained. To come full circle, each item items packaging is sustainable and their tags are made from recycled materials.

Fashion companies aren’t the only places where sustainability can take place. As clothing owners –and lovers – there are certain steps we can take to prolong the life cycles of our garments. Be sure to store your clothes properly in either a dresser or a closet, follow the care instructions on the tags, and give upcycling a try when you get bored of your wardrobe.

So the next time you go shopping, be sure to check for sustainable or eco-friendly on the label. With sustainable fashion, the possibilities are endless! Show us how you’re on trend with sustainable fashion!

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