Private Label  

Ketzali offers services for companies looking to develop handmade products in Guatemala while using their own brand and style. The private label section was developed as a result of companies abroad who wanted production based in Guatemala, but did not have local contacts or resources. We have years of extended experience in developing high quality products that are authentic Guatemalan and competitive in today's market. We can offer guidance and advice to help you design the one-of-a-kind pieces you are looking for 

Ketzali has a network of more than 100 artisans and cooperatives throughout the whole country who produce a wide range of products, and we have verified that all of their working practices follow fair trade principles Our private label orders are created the same way we develop our own brand's products: through honoring Guatemalan skills and fair payment, producing high-quality pieces, and protecting the unique designs. To ensure our clients are happy with the end product, we create sample pieces before accepting any project.