Sourcing & Buying Guatemalan Products

Ketzali also offers buying services for companies wishing to acquire products directly from cooperatives or individual artisans in Guatemala without the use of a middle-man 

If interested, we can discuss the type of products, materials, or artisans you would like to work with, and Ketzali will negotiate and ship all your products for you. 

This service is perfect for companies who have already visited Guatemala and would like to continue working with Guatemalan designs, but do not have the time or extra resources to travel each month. This service is also perfect for companies who work with multiple Guatemalan vendors and would like to consolidate their orders into one shipment. We can coordinate with the companies you already work with to pick up your orders, and personally send them to you in one unified shipment.

We charge a flat rate for this service-- whether you would like to buy only a few pieces or over a thousand units.