The Kites of Santiago

We are still basking in sights and sounds of Guatemalan's annual Festival de barriletes gigantes de Santiago Sacatepéquez. The Festival of giant kites is celebrated annually on November 1st in the Guatemalan municipality of Santiago Sacatepequezto memorialize those who have passed on by releasing colossal kites into the sky.

 The event is one of the main cultural phenomenons in Santiago Sacatepequez in which giant kites are built and flown. On the day of the deceased the residents, also, visit the above-ground tombs of their ancestors to pray and lay floral offerings.


Traditionally, the building of the kites takes 40 days. Every part of the kite is made from Mother Nature from the glue to the woven hemp strings.

The main objective of this beautiful tradition is religious and cultural, as people believe it is a communication link between the souls of deceased loved ones and their loved ones still on Earth. Additionally, the act of raising the kite in the air symbolizes the dreams of their makers, wrapping and weaving against the wind against  an open blue sky. It's a beautiful thing!

Until next time..... XOXO Ketzali

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